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Digital Signature Certificate for Income Tax

You can file your Income Tax Returns very easily and with more security through Digital Signature Certificate. As per the revised provision under section 44AB of IT Act, E-filing of income tax return is mandatory for all the individuals/professionals having an annual gross receipt of 25 Lakhs rupees and more, and for the companies with annual turnover of 1 Crore rupees and above. Digital Signature for Income Tax contains the complete information (like of Contact Address, Contact Number, PAN) of the user. An individual can file income tax return on the website of IT Department by authenticating his/her identity through digital signature.

Importance of Digital Signature for Filing Income Tax e-Return

The phenomenal growth of internet has completely changed our lives. Now, we can shop, have fun, and communicate with our friends and loved ones, online. The growth of internet has also increased the demand of digital signature certificate. These days, online transaction and documentation is done online by most of the companies and individuals. So, it is really important to have a tool that can ensure the safety and security of confidential data of the person doing online transaction or signing any document digitally. The use of digital signature is now mandatory for filing income tax e-return.

The particulars stated in the income tax e-return should be correct and the person filing the return should submit the declaration (through digital signature certificate) that all the particulars mentioned in the income tax e-return are correct and fair to the best of his/her knowledge. Signing a physical document is easy but how can you sign a digital document. For this, you need to obtain the digital signature certificate. The IT department has made the use of Class 2 Digital Signature for Income Tax e-Return mandatory. You can sign the document required to file income tax e-return by using the Class 2 DSC.

How to Obtain Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate for Income Tax e-Return Filing

You can easily obtain the Class 2 DSC for Income Tax e-Return filing from EBP Online. The company offers e-Mudhra, n-Code certified digital signature at affordable price in Delhi. In addition, the process of obtaining the digital signature from the company is very easy. All you need to do is to submit the duly filled in application form along with the required documents. On successful submission of application form and documents, EBP Online issues digital signature that can be used for income tax e-return filing.