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Digital Signature Certificate for Foreign Trade

Digital signature certificate has made foreign trade more transparent and effective. The companies that earlier required to do a lengthy paper work can now complete any documentation very easily through Digital Signature Certificate for DGFT. Every Export and Import Organization or EXIM organization is now required to use DGFT digital signature for applying the licenses issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade. Also, DGFT DSC is required for making any communication on DGFT website. The use of digital signature has been made mandatory for export and import organizations because of its safety and security feature. It also ensures the authenticity of the document. At the present time, DGFT issues the licenses to the EXIM organizations after validating the identity of the sender, authenticity of the document and the validity of the DSC.

Benefits of Digital Signature for EXIM Organizations

DGFT also offers 50% reduction in license fee to the Export and Import Organizations if the application for the license in submitted on its website. EXIM Organizations can prevent the fraudulent practices, such as identity thefts by filing bills of entry using the DGFT DSC. In addition, if any EXIM organization is filing documents through Custom House Agents, it is necessary to attach DSC along with it.

Which Type of Digital Signature is Required for Foreign Trade

A Class 3 Digital Signature is required for applying for the licenses issued by the DGFT or making any communication on its website. Moreover, the Class 3 DSC should be issued in the name of one of the authorized representatives of the company. One can obtain the DGFT DSC from EBP Online by submitting the duly filled in application form along with the required documents. Since a digital signature certificate is recognized by the legal system, the documents submitted using it are considered valid and authentic on par with the physically signed documents.

If you are an EXIM organization, you should obtain the DGFT Digital Signature Certificate for making a hassle-free communication on the website of Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). EBP Online offers digital signature for foreign trade at reasonable price in Delhi. Further, you need to submit the digital signature application form along with the required document in order to obtain the DGFT DSC from EBP Online. So, why are you wasting time in searching for the digital signature solution? Contact us or buy the digital signature from our website.