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Digital Signature Certificate for e-Tendering

The companies or business organizations seeking to participate in e-tendering processes on various government and public sector websites are required to have Digital Signature Certificate. A digital signature not only makes e-tendering processes convenient and transparent, but also ensures the safety and security of online transaction made by the companies or business organizations. The government of India started e-tendering as an initiative under e-Governance scheme. The sole objective behind the e-tendering is to make tendering process more easy and transparent.

Earlier, the contractors or the companies filing tenders for the government projects used to present false document in order to get tenders. In addition, sometimes the companies those were not eligible to get government tenders would have got the tenders easily. Now, this kind of fraud can’t be done as everything is being done online with great security. The Digital Signature Certificate For E-Tendering contains the complete and genuine information of the companies or the business organizations filing e-tenders, thus ensuring the authenticity of the company filing the tender.

Which Type of Digital Signature is required for e-Tendering?

E-Tendering can be done through Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate. More than 3000 e-tendering portals in India are currently accepting the tender application only after verifying the identity of the applicant through Class 2 Digital Signature. An individual of the authorized professional of the company can obtain Class 2 DSC from a Registered Authority (RA) or Certifying Authority (CA) by submitting the Digital Signature Form along with the required documents. Moreover, Class 2 digital signature certificate comes in two forms: Signing only or the Signing Encryption (Combo). There is a validity period for every digital signature certificate. It means you need to renew the certificate once it crosses the validity period.

Benefits of Digital Signature for e-Tendering Processes

There are so many benefits that come with digital signature. The applicant can get acknowledgement and receipts of the e-tender application immediately as the documents are uploaded online while filing e-tenders. Earlier, the process was very lengthy and took so much time to generate receipt and acknowledgement as everything was done on paper. E-Tendering has become so popular and widely accepted in India as it makes the whole system transparent and easy. Among other benefits, digital signature certificate helps the buyers and bidders overcome the geographical limitations and keep pace with the present technology.

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