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DGFT Digital Signature Certificate

Business organizations dealing in import and export business require DGFT digital signature certificate for making communication with DGFT website for various purposes. In addition, import export business organizations can’t apply for the licenses issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) without DGFT DSC. An authorized individual on behalf of the company or organization can obtain digital signature certificate for DGFT from any Registered Authority (RA). DGFT DSC is a type of Class 3 digital signature and comes with signing only version.

The government of India has made it mandatory for import and export businesses with the aim of making communication and documentation process easy and cost-effective. Now, an authorized professional of the company can sign any document related to the DGFT by using the digital signature. In addition, less paper work is now required to obtain licenses issued by the DGFT. Last but not the least, the use of digital signature has ensured the safety and integrity of the confidential information. Import and export organizations can now easily sign their online license application by using the DGFT DSC.

Who Can Obtain DGFT Digital Signature Certificate?

It is issued to only those import and export organizations that have a valid IEC code from Directorate General of Foreign Trade department.

Use of DGFT Digital Signature Certificate:

Every import and export organization is required to use DGFT digital signature while making communication with the DGFT website. You can’t get licenses issued by DGFT or make online transaction on DGFT website without this type of Class 3 digital signature.

Where Can I Obtain DGFT Digital Signature Certificate?

EBPO Online is the best digital signature provider in India and can help you in obtaining the DGFT DSC for your import and export business. To obtain DGFT DSC from EBP Online, you need to submit the digital signature application form along with the required document. The expert professionals of the company review the application and then issue the digital signature that can be used in making online communication with DGFT department. The certificate comes with one and two year validity, which means you have to renew it after the expiry of validity period. EBP Online renews DGFT digital signature at nominal cost. Whether you need a fresh DGFT DSC or want to renew the expired one, contact EBP Online.