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Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Class 3 DSC is the most secured form of digital signature certificate. Hence, it is used for online transaction process. The government of India has made this type of digital signature mandatory for e-ticketing, e-tendering, e-procurement, online patent and trademark filing. Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate makes online transaction safe and secure. Also, it protects the confidential information of the applicant who makes payment online for various services offered by the government of India. In order to obtain the Class digital signature, the applicants should submit the application form along with all the required documents at the registered authority who issues DSC. EBP Online provides Class 3 DSC at lowest price in Delhi.

Types of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate:

Like Class 2 digital signature certificate, this type of DSC is also issued to individuals and authorized professionals of the company or organization. The main different between the Class 2 and Class 3 digital signature certificate is the process of obtaining the certificate. A person can easily get Class 2 digital signature certificate. However, he/she requires to undergo the strict authentication process which is done by Registration Authority or RA. Class 3 digital signature certificate comes in two types: Individual User (Class 3 A) and Authorized Professional of the company (Class 3 B).

Class 3A Digital Signature Certificate:

An individual who wants to do online transaction should have obtained Class 3A digital signature certificate. For example, train ticket reservation agents make payment on IRCT website for bulk e-ticketing through this type of Class 3 digital signature certificate.

Class 3B Digital Signature Certificate:

Business organizations seeking to obtain the tenders from the government should use Class 3B digital signature certificate. Certified Authority issues this type of Class 3 DSC with Signing and Encryption certificates to the authorized person on behalf of the company. The government has made Class 3 digital signature certificate mandatory for e-Tendering in order to make the entire process transparent and secure. Besides e-Tendering, Class 3B digital signature certificate is used to make online transaction for Patent/Trademark filing, Copyright registration, IPO and various other services.